“Relieving The Financial Burden Of T1D Treatments & Medications”

Our Mission

The mission of Hoyek Foundation is to help families relieve the financial burden that Type 1 Diabetes leaves in their pockets. The rising cost of health care has left many families under massive financial stress, often times finding themselves choosing between putting food on their table or paying for costly treatments and medications that type one diabetes carries.


With your contributions we can help hundreds of thousands of families who have children or individuals with Type 1 Diabetes, be able to afford their treatments and medications.


We work on a case by case basis, and determine the amount of financial help we can provide based on income and family situation and case history. We are a 100% non-for-profit organization.


We can finally reach and help hundreds of thousands of families who've never been able to receive any financial help for their Type 1 Diabetes treatments and medications, from any other agency or organization.

Our Beliefs

We are dedicated to supporting the many families in our community who are affected with Type 1 Diabetes. The founders of this organization, have family and friends who are affected with Type 1 Diabetes, and have felt the raging emotional and financial impacts left behind. Hoyek Foundation is here for raising support to be to help other families affected and relieving just the tiniest portion of stress away for the betterment of their lives.

Hoyek Foundation

Our commitment is to make Hoyek Foundation, a 100% non-for-profit organization and turn it into one of the highest regarded non-for-profit T1D foundations, helping hundreds of thousands of people who are in desperate need of financial help to be able to front their type 1 diabetics treatment costs and medications.


pete hoyek


CEO, Founder of Hoyek Financial Services and Hoyek Foundation. His philosophy is based on the belief of helping people in needs to avoid emotional and financial catastrophe. He works with professionals specializing in the field of Medicine, Insurance, Investments and Recreation which require a broad spectrum of information and research so we can be able to help others. His passions include Flying, traveling and researching about type 1 diabetes .


Diana Hoyek

Logistics & Marketing

Full time Registered Nurse (RN), her passion is helping others. In her free time she can be found reading or learning more about type 1 diabetes.


Vanessa Hoyek


Vanessa  is a full time Registered Nurse (RN), loves volunteering and helping others, her passion is playing music and exercising.


Charly Tabet


Married with two children. Has worked with Universities and Engineering firms. His passion is technology and keeping up with all the new tech adventures.


Barbara Stover


Married with 2 children, proudly being a grandmother and a great-grandmother, worked for many years the healthcare field as a Nurse caring and helping others. Her passion is reading, traveling, cooking and helping others in need.

Want To Help The Cause?

Hoyek Foundation is here to spread awareness of Type 1 Diabetes within the community, and help lessen the financial stress and burden the incurred treatments and medication costs to families and individuals who may not qualify for any other type of financial help or medical coverages. Regardless of your contribution amount, your contribution will go 100%, to funding someone's T1D treatment.